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3/8oz Ajenjo tea (wormwood)

3/8oz Ajenjo tea (wormwood)

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Known since ancient times by the Egyptians, later used by the Greeks and distributed by themselves throughout the Mediterranean, this herb has been called the mother of all herbs for its various healing applications. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Flatulence, lack of appetite, anorexia, intestinal worms, liver, bile, gallbladder inflammation, arthritis, osteoarthritis, ascorbic acid, fluid production, rheumatism, inflammation or muscle tears, tendinitis, menstruation. etc. EXTERNAL USE: Fungicidal, pain, bactericidal and vulnerable properties, wounds, joint pain, sores, insect repellent, skin problems, flea and moth repellent, etc. TOXICITY: It has abortifacient properties, do not take or use externally during pregnancy and / or lactation. 3/8oz

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