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Beginner's Guide to Spirit Animals by Dawn Baumann Brunke

Beginner's Guide to Spirit Animals by Dawn Baumann Brunke

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Spirit animals provide guidance and wisdom, and can help you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. We all have one or more spirit guide the key is to learn how to communicate with them. Adapted from Key to Spirit Animals by Dawn Braumann Brunke, Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Animals provides an overview of animal guides and includes interactive exercises that allow you to attune to animal wisdom and form a meaningful relationship with your spirit animals. Perfect for beginners, this book assumes no prior experience with shamanistic communication and provides a basic but detailed overview of all the common spirit animals, what they symbolize, and what a particular spirit animal tells you about yourself. Activity-based lessons and exercises help you discover and understand how to approach and communicate with your personal animal spirit guides. A 7.5" x 9.2" Paperback book with 144 pages.

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