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Witchcraft & the Shamanic Journey by Kenneth Johnson

Witchcraft & the Shamanic Journey by Kenneth Johnson

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This beautifully written book will show seekers of the magical arts how to reclaim the old traditions of our pagan ancestors, which, as the author will show, were heavily rooted in shamanism. Kenneth Johnson takes the reader on a journey far into the past where these shamanistic practices of the medieval and Renaissance European people can be explored while simultaneously teaching the working Witch how to incorporate these older traditions into their own magical practice. Included in this book are explorations of the mystical otherworld, instructions on how to discover one's Tree of Power, methods of entering the World Mountain to gain wisdom, an in-depth overview of folkloric initiatory practices, the folklore of the older traditions of Witchcraft a solid framework upon which to build a practice, using a wealth of witch folklore and mythology as the foundation. A 9" x 6" paperback book with 195 pages.

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