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Witch's Herbal Apothecary by Marysia Miernoska

Witch's Herbal Apothecary by Marysia Miernoska

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Mother Earth is a living entity that holds great medicine to heal us physically and spiritually. However, in today's modern world, too many of us are separated from this source of nourishment. Using the wheel of the year as a framework, you'll begin to understand the currents of nature and how to weave yourself back into this great web of life. Using the plants, seasons, and cycles as your tools, you will be able to tap into the potent Earth Magick of life, death, renewal and rebirth. You will learn ways of growing medicine, harvesting from the wild or home garden, processing plants, and making remedies, all in harmony with the seasons. A 7.5" x 9.2" paperback book with 224 pages.

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